Jiuzhai Baihe Eco-tourism Masterplan

2014 (concept) & 2019 (MP revision) | Overall master plan for a 26km2 natural reserve and 50ha town center urban design. Site adjacent to the Jiuzhaigou scenic area in Sichuan, adopting a “sensitive density distribution” framework to maximize development opportunity while minimize disturbance to natural site. | Project Director, with Perkins+Will Shanghai Urban Design Studio.

Project Description:

“Located adjacent to the world-famous Jiuzhai Valley Scenic Area, the project site is composed of 16km2 natural mountain valley reserve and a 60ha development area. With an anticipated regional visitation up to 7 million by 2020, we began the project by addressing the issue of balance between conservation and tourism development. Different from conventional scenic area development in China, the master plan propose a development strategy of “gradient density distribution”. A compact “town center” allows minimal infrastructure disruption and effective service and amenities for mass visitors. Further into the valley development density is reduced, with controlled non-motorize access into the natural preserve area. Key programs included a nature experience (education) center, local crafts workshop, creek side leisure terrace, and mountain trails ending at low-impact eco-camps. The program set caters to family and all age-group, with an aim to promote awareness of nature and preservation, to provide visitors with a “true nature experience”.


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