Kean University Library & Student Centre

2015 | Concept masterplan of international competition for a 25,000m2 library with 5ha park and plaza site in Wenzhou, China (competition win 2016) | Lead Urban Designer with Perkins+Will Shanghai Office

Project Description

The new Wenzhou Kean University Student Center and Library will showcase the world-class education of the university with innovative design solution, brining in the latest trends and development of the contemporary library and student center. Following a strong axial master plan, the STUDENT CENTER and LIBRARY, at the heart of the campus, interface between academic and the living quarters. This will be the place for students to contemplate, to engage, and to explore. It is to become THE LOCUS OF STUDENT LIFE. The design emphasis on transparency, which is the physical manifesto of openness – the very essence of contemporary American college life. The floor-plates extend to become horizontal slices, which give presence of the prominent building at the terminus of campus axis, as well as framing views to the surrounding when viewing from the inside. Through re-thinking about conventional library and student center programs, the programming concept is to discover overlapping functions and reprogram into new functions that suits the new generation of student life. This becomes the PUBLIC COMMON program – the place where students will have their most memorable moment in their college life. Taking the grand steps as the prototype and develop into a series of stairs typology, a variety of spaces that allows student activities to happen freely. The experience extend to the outdoor and become landscape feature.

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