Open City Strategy | Design Studio

2017/18 | Yr 2+3 Vertical Studio at University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

The Foundation Studio is complimented with short lectures to introduce basic concepts in design

From Studio Project Brief:

“Chinese cities are growing faster, denser, and ever more connected. However, as we experience in physical form these are mostly mega-block private property developments – dense but internalised, connected to far away but closed off to its surrounding context.

The open city is a response to modern urbanism ideals vs our actual experience as urban resident. In reference to source from the classic essay of Christopher Alexander (1965) “A City is not a Tree” to the practice of Kees Christiaanse (KCAP) such as the Hamburg Hafencity master plan, the focus for designing cities emphasis on Openness- porosity, connectivity, diversity, and open-end system to maintain flexibility and adaptability. The human-scale, and chance-encounter experience of urban dwellers is regarded as the objective to create cities with vitality in urbanity.

This is the objective of this studio project is to design with the guiding principle of an “Open City” approach to re-imagine the possibility for Suzhou River waterfront, in contrast to a closed-system master plan but an open-ended design approach through the scale of planning and architecture.”

Student work & studio activities

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