Cultural Landscape of the City

arch5731B | 2020/21 summer elective workshop for UG & MArch students.

This course will review cultural architecture and its public space in Hong Kong, reflecting upon how cultural acts in public space plays a role in the making of urban landscape. The dynamics between built and experienced space can be portrait as a spatial narrative, in many cases expressed through artistic work in installation and performing arts. Focusing on the public space outside of the standard functional program (i.e., the theatre and the gallery), we will investigate how cultural space is experienced and seek student response with a spatial intervention design charrette.

Link to Introductory Lecture.

Project: City as Stage

The 3-weeks course is structured into 3 steps and resulting in a spatial design project:

  • week 1: Introduction and Field Visit to different cultural venues in Hong Kong and meet with architect, curator and producer.
  • week 2: Design – to take a spatial fragment of one interior or exterior site from field visit and transform it into a stage set, collectively into full stage of 6 fragments
  • week 3: Performance – to plan a narrative by putting yourself into the stage set, working across the whole set to interact with the space

Student Work

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