A Thousand Plateau

15-22 Aug 2021 | Space Design for non-theatre production | @Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District <link>

Devised by an all-woman creative team – independent filmmaker Rita Hui, dancer Wong Pik-kei and visual artist Wong Ka-ying – A Thousand Plateaus features real-life stories about identity, gender, relationships and lust, each existing outside the mainstream social narrative and each told by the protagonists through various sensory forms. As audience-participants move freely around the site, they experience these stories in various ways, shifting back and forth between virtual and real-world perception. The experience is expanded with VR imagery, audio and musical soundscapes, on-site instructions, physical interaction and sharing.


Creative Team:
Co-creators: Rita Hui, Wong Pik-kei, Wong Ka-ying
Space Design: Melody Yiu | Sound Design: Jasper Fung | Sound System Design: AK Kan
Lighting Design: Denzel Yung^ | Video: Etienne Leung
Virtual Reality Production: Hugo Yeung Ming-him, Angus Seung Kiu-fung (IOIO CREATIVE)
Researchers: Joris Wu, Maurice Yim* | Co-ordinator: Meredith Wong*
Producer: Bobo Lee*

*Staff of West Kowloon Cultural District
^With the kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Presented by Freespace, WKCD

ATP: Spatial Notes

No one gets the “omnipresent” full picture. Everyone makes their own choice and create their own story. From spectator to participant This is a story about self-determination, from exploration of our body to identity. The core message is to go take initiative and make a step forward, where the non-directional…

ATP: the story of the objects

the core objects and the overlapped setting It all began with the note from the director team as “there should be a series of related/unrelated objects”, and a narrative slowly emerges and connecting these objects together to create the setting. It was never the idea of a simple “room” or…


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