Curiosity Cabinet of Gendered Object

Nov-Dec 2022 | Participatory Installation in collaboration with Veera Fung as Atelier In. | as part of deTour HK 2022 “Design As One”

The setting of our home speaks about who we are, full of curious objects with embedded meanings that are often taken for granted. Household items like an ironing board or a cooking pan reflect how gender identity is operated in a domestic space. Do objects have a gender? If so, what is the rationale behind these gendered objects?

This installation invites visitors to reflect upon the gender expression of everyday objects commonly found in a home. In a condensed setting like a curiosity cabinet, household items are on display for visitors to suggest the gender of a particular object. Gender expression is expected to be a spectrum instead of the dichotomy of male and female. Through public participation, this work will create a collective image of how we perceive gender identity at home.

Project link and research findings

物品.日常.性別 (家居版)




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