Space+ Community Festival

Jan 7-15 2023 | Public space tactical urbanism | for VeryHK Space+ Festival

Design according to user and activity needs, the Tin Shui Plaza is transformed into a playground for leisure and action. Adopting the pallet+box modules built by the CUHK architecture team, the Urban Collaboratives Place-makers created information booths, a stage, way-finding graphics and play zones for a week of community events across three sites in Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong.

Tactical urbanism ideas in practice – duct tapes, stickers, bunting, grass carpet, pallets, carton boxes, simple frame …. + creativity, making skills and effort, sweat and fun.

  • In collaboration with Jessica Cheung as Urban Collaborative Studio
  • Place-makers: Addison, Sara, Albert, Leo, Yuki, Jacob, and Leah (UD studio 22/23 T1)
  • Maker-master: Pangpang Lu
  • Pallet-box modules design-built by Unitinno team led by Prof. Zhu Jiangxiang
  • Special thanks to Prof. Hendrik Tieben and Mr. Jason Hilgefort for their contribution in design ideas


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