Folding Movement

May 23-24 2023 | performance design + production | part of SoA elective ARCH5431 a spontaneous creative jam with students and artists made in 2 days at the School of Architecture atrium. Life-size origami objects prompt the body to play; the school building is turned into an instrument of light and sound; and the spectators… Continue reading Folding Movement

Space+ Community Festival

Jan 7-15 2023 | Public space tactical urbanism | for VeryHK Space+ Festival Design according to user and activity needs, the Tin Shui Plaza is transformed into a playground for leisure and action. Adopting the pallet+box modules built by the CUHK architecture team, the Urban Collaboratives Place-makers created information booths, a stage, way-finding graphics and… Continue reading Space+ Community Festival

Curiosity Cabinet of Gendered Object

Nov-Dec 2022 | Participatory Installation in collaboration with Veera Fung as Atelier In. | as part of deTour HK 2022 "Design As One" The setting of our home speaks about who we are, full of curious objects with embedded meanings that are often taken for granted. Household items like an ironing board or a cooking… Continue reading Curiosity Cabinet of Gendered Object

A Thousand Plateau

15-22 Aug 2021 | Space Design for non-theatre production | @Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District <link> Devised by an all-woman creative team – independent filmmaker Rita Hui, dancer Wong Pik-kei and visual artist Wong Ka-ying – A Thousand Plateaus features real-life stories about identity, gender, relationships and lust, each existing outside the mainstream social narrative and each… Continue reading A Thousand Plateau